Lopsided Relationships

I read a post on Between Two Worlds by Justin Taylor and thought he brought up an interesting point from Ed Welch’s book “Running Scared.” We as Christians are commanded to serve others for Christ came not to be served, but to serve. So we are always humbled by the example set by Christ and aim for the selfless life.

However, here’s the question that Welch provides: “Which do we really need–to give love or receive it?”  Obviously we need both and so we may try to get around the question with the ‘middle path’ between the two. But the middle ground is clearly not a Biblical understanding of relationship. Our relationship with God is a lopsided relationship! God loved us before we knew Him and even now we cannot fairly reciprocate the perfect love He has given us. To tie into the covenantal theology that I have been posting on, God is the one who initiates, affirms and fulfills covenant with his people, a clearly lopsided arrangement. Just like in the covenant, God’s relationship with us is not a contract or pact of some sort, but is divinely monergistic by grace alone.

The world tells us to have a ‘middle ground’ kind of life, both giving and receiving love. Yet Christ gave his life for those who did not love him, let alone know him. And as Christ demonstrated perfected love as he hung on the cross, he was mocked and scoffed at. Likewise, we should pour out ourselves for those who do not love us and seek to model Christ’s lopsided relationship with us.

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